Do you like the feeling of putting on a freshly ironed garment? In  ufesa  we want to help you wear your clothes always perfect. The force of the steam on the fabric eliminates wrinkles as if by magic with little effort. Slide your steam iron or ironing center and straighten clothes quickly.

What do I have to set myself to buy a steam iron?

You have the power! With ufesa steam  irons  you choose how to iron according to the garment. If the tissues are thick, you can use the blow of steam, and if they are very dry, a fine cloud of water will moisten them with the spray function.

They are always at hand! The new range of steam irons is heated very fast and that makes them practical, especially when you have to leave home quickly and you need to iron the clothes you’re going to wear. In addition, because of their size, they are very handy and you can store them wherever you want.

  • Steam : steam provides speed and makes ironing easier. A high constant steam flow helps ironing cotton and jeans. A high blow of supervapor helps to finish with difficult wrinkles and allows to straighten hung clothes.
  • Comfort : Better with little weight. Better with comfortable grip and easy access to the buttons. So you will not tire your hand and arm!
  • Anti-scale system : Better with double or triple anti-scale system, to extend the life of the iron.
  • Base : better ceramic to resist scratches well and last longer. With super sliding finishes to iron in less passes.
  • Price : they are cheap, so compare the quality-price ratio. Not always the best is the most expensive!
  • Rapid heating : If you are going to iron a few pieces of clothing, the rapid warm-up will help you save time and finish sooner.


What do I have to set myself to buy an ironing center?

With an ironing center you will like to iron again, because you will get professional results without leaving the house.

  • More capacity in the boiler, more steam : Steam is the fastest and makes ironing easier. The ironing centers have a deposit with more capacity, so more steam is generated. They are also independent, so they can be extracted to fill it without waiting for the appliance to cool down.
  • Pressure : Influences the vapor output speed and facilitates faster tissue penetration. The PL1500 ironing center has a pressure of 4.5 bar, which will make ironing easier.
  • More professional finish : Thanks to its performance, more pressure and more steam, the ironing finish is much more professional.
  • Light iron: The iron is lighter than a steam iron, since you do not have to drag the water tank when ironing. For that reason, it is more comfortable if we have to iron a great wash.