floor care

Floor Care

In  ufesa  we like that your house is always impeccable with the minimum effort. That is why we have designed a perfect vacuum cleaner for every home. Get every last bit of dust removed with our bagless vacuum cleaners. With the nozzles and brushes, you will suck all kinds of surfaces and you will be able to access the most difficult corners.

Bagless, comfortable and practical vacuum cleaners

With vacuum cleaners without a bag, you will achieve professional results with a light and compact vacuum cleaner, which you can easily store in any corner of your home.

  • Compact : Big problems, big solutions. If your home has little space to store appliances, choose a compact vacuum cleaner, as easy to store as it is to use. With only 33 cm, the new ufesa vacuum cleaners can fit anywhere.
  • Bagless efficiency : Class A cleaning on hard floors and wooden floors. An excellent collection that is achieved thanks to the effective brushes and its innovative tank with cyclone system that stores dirt and is very easy to empty and clean.
  • A plus of comfort : In addition to being small and lightweight, the new ufesa vacuum cleaners are very agile. For this, they are equipped with 2 large rear wheels that provide great stability and 1 front wheel with 360º rotation, responsible for quickly changing the direction of movement. You will notice how the vacuum cleaner follows you!