Starting the day with the aroma of coffee or freshly baked bread is a great success within everyone’s reach. In ufesa we have all the appliances you need to wake up with energy every morning.

Taste the varieties of tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage throughout the year in the world. Its characteristic flavor transports us to other places in the world and gives us multiple benefits for our body. With the ufesa kettles  , you can taste the infinity of varieties that exist and all kinds of infusions.

Thanks to their compact size and high power, they heat the water in an instant and allow you to enjoy a cup of tea, both at home and at work.

For greater safety, ufesa water  kettles  are automatically disconnected when the water starts to boil. So you can dedicate yourself to other tasks and have your infusion ready before you know it!



The aroma of coffee

We know that the preparation of coffee is a ritual. With the range of ufesa coffee  makers, you can enjoy the taste of an authentic coffee without leaving home and let yourself be enveloped by its aroma.

Delight yourself with the preparation of an authentic espresso, listen to how the pressure of the pump sounds and observe how the coffee is poured into your cup with the characteristic cream of Italian coffee par excellence.

With combi coffee machines, you can choose between the intense aroma of ground coffee or the speed of the capsules. Give it the final touch with the steam nozzle, with which you can also prepare a sparkling coffee with milk or a delicious cappuccino.

Enjoy freshly roasted and crunchy bread

Enjoy a full breakfast with ufesa toasters  . And not just for breakfast … With the ufesa multipur  toasters  you can toast any type of bread comfortably or heat the pastries before serving.

In addition, all models allow you to select the degree of toasting and have a defrosting function, so you can enjoy a delicious toast at any time.

When cleaning, ufesa roasters   incorporate a removable crumb tray that makes it very easy. Roasters for much more than toast!


Natural juices for any time of the day

Enjoy natural juices without preservatives is available to everyone. With a juicer, you can extract all the juice and take a good dose of vitamins. Choose the fruits that you like the most and combine them to your liking, to make unique and original juices.

The practical design of the ufesa juicers   makes them completely removable for a more comfortable and efficient cleaning. Get all the juice to large and small fruits with its two cone sizes and enjoy up to 1 liter capacity in a single jug of juice. What are you waiting for to start the day with energy?