health & wellness

Health & wellness

Taking care of us makes us feel much better. With ufesa dryers , you can mold your hair, smooth, wavy, curly … and always look perfect hair. Take care of yourself!

Bathroom scales

The Ufesa electronic scale   will take you out of doubt, whenever you want to know your weight. With a precision of 100 grams and four sensors, it will provide you with the information you are looking for at the moment. This will appear in a size LCD viewer, to see it without problems.

Thanks to its extra-flat design, it takes up little space, so you can place it anywhere in your bathroom. The electronic scale will help you take care of your line and your health!

Hydromassage baths

The feet accumulate fatigue and stress throughout the day. The muscles become tight and that ends up influencing the rest of the body. With a whirlpool bath, you can enjoy an authentic professional massage in any room of the house.

The ufesa foot bath has 213 stimulation points and three operating positions: massage: heat and massage or heat, massage and bubble. It also carries an accessory to make the pedicure; another for acupuncture and a massage roller. In addition, it can be easily saved, as it takes up little space.


The humidifier is a perfect ally against the dry eyes, throat and skin that produces heating or air conditioning in a closed place. It has a meter, which allows you to set the desired humidity level, between 30% and 50%.

In addition to removing throat irritation, the humidifier is used to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, increasing the moisture in the nose. Also, to protect the skin from dryness or to avoid allergies.

Pediatricians recommend its use to achieve an adequate level of humidity in the rooms of babies. With it, you will solve the problems of dry eyes or sore throat due to the dryness of the heating or air conditioning.